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Sailing expedition to Greenland

In 1994. I took part in the first leg of the Croatian sailing expedition "Arctic - Antarctic" where I served as the expedition liaison for eastern Canada. In the summer of that year, we sailed on a 20 m (65 ft.) ketch "Hrvatska Cigra" ("Croatian Tern") to the southwest coast of Greenland.

The goal of the expedition, which is to take course over three years, was to navigate as close as possible to the North and South Poles. The journey started in Croatia, continued along the east coast of Canada, through the Northwest Passage, along the west coast of North and South America, around the legendary Cape Horn, and back to Europe.

With a crew of predominantly Croatian sailors, our aim was to draw the attention of world media to the Republic of Croatia (and have fun in the meantime). The voyage led us to many ports in Canada, the United States, Chile and Argentina. This provided an excellent opportunity to present the Republic of Croatia in a new way to other nations, and to strengthen the links among Croatian emigrants living abroad. Coming from a country of skilled and determined sailors, our goal was to reach out and strengthen our reputation as enterprising and friendly people worldwide.

Picture you see here was taken while the crew members relaxed in a natural hot spring in southern Greenland (white blobs in the background are large icebergs). link to greenland gallery, page 2

crew members relaxing in a natural hot spring

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